Last Updated on

July 15, 2022

Add Network Credentials


Add Bidding Networks

  • When you choose to add Chartboost, Chartboost App ID and App Signature are automatically filled.
Meta Audience Network
  • You need to fill in Meta Audience Network App ID and System User Access Token.
  • To retrieve your Meta Audience Network App ID, Go to the properties page
  • Click on the info icon next to app
  • In order to generate System User Access Token, you can follow Meta Audience Network Instructions. Make sure to select read_audience_network_insights as the Available Scopes for your app, and click Generate Token.
  1. You need to fill in AdColony App ID and API Key.
  2. App ID can be found in Monetization > Apps on the AdColony dashboard.
  3. API Key can be found in the account settings section.
  1. You need to fill in the Tapjoy SDK Key, mediation reporting API Key and Publisher OAuth Key.
  2. Tapjoy SDK Key can be found by navigating to Settings > App Settings from your main Tapjoy Dashboard in your app. Keep in mind each app/platform combination has its own SDK Key (Instructions).
  3. Mediation reporting API Key can be found on the same page as the SDK Key. Simply navigate to the “Mediation Keys” tab and fill in the reporting API Key for mediation network Chartboost.
  4. Publisher OAuth Key can be found on the same page as the SDK Key, simply navigate to the “API Keys” tab and fill in your Publisher OAuth Key.

Add Mediation Networks


For a quicker method of sourcing the individual credentials for AdMob, you may sign in to the Google API credentials portal linked below. You will still need to input the AdMob App ID, using the Google account that is associated with the App ID that you’d like added to Mediation. You will not need to fill in the other fields.

  1. You need to fill in AdMob App ID, API Key, Client ID, Client Secret, Refresh Token
  2. AdMob App ID can be found under the App Settings in your AdMob account.
  3. In order to generate API Key, you can follow AdMob instructions.
  4. You need to create a new project on the Google API Console page first.
    Navigate to the “Get Started” section and select “Enable APIs and get credentials like keys”.
  5. Then navigate to the “Credentials” section on the left side and select Create Credentials > API Key.
  6. You can also find Client ID and Client Secret on your Google API Console page.
  7. In the selected project, navigate to Credentials > OAuth consent screen tab. Fill in “Product name shown to users” and click Save.
  8. Navigate to Dashboard > ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES, and enable AdSense Management API.
  9. Then Select Credentials > Create Credentials and select “OAuth client ID”.
  10. Select Web application and fill in “Name”. You need to enter for at least one Authorized redirect URI.
  11. After clicking “Save”, you will be able to get “Client ID” and “Client Secret”.
  12. You can get your Refresh Token on the OAuth 2.0 Playground page.
  13. In the settings at the upper right corner, select “Use your own OAuth credentials” and add your Client ID and Client Secret
  14. Navigate to “Step 1 Select & authorize APIs”, click “AdSense Management API v1.4”, select "", input "" in the text box with "Input your own scopes", and click “Authorize APIs”.
  15. After receiving the Authorization code from Step 1, you can click “Exchange authorization code for tokens” and receive a Refresh token in Step 2.
  1. You need to fill in the AppLovin SDK Key, Package Name and Report Key.
  2. You can find both SDK Key and Report Key by navigating to Account > Keys.
  1. You need to fill in the Vungle App ID and Reporting API Key.
  2. Reporting API Key is located at the upper right corner of your Vungle dashboard.
  1. You need to fill in the ironSource Application Key, Secret Key and Refresh Token.
  2. You will find this info under ‘API Details’ in the ‘My Account’ section on your ironSource dashboard.
Unity Ads
  1. You need to fill in the Unity Game ID, Monetization API Key and Organization Core ID.
  2. You will find this info under the ‘Monetization Settings’ tab in your UnityAds account.