Last Updated on

July 15, 2022

Advanced Settings & Targeting

Optimize your advertising campaign to control your bid type and amount, which users or devices will see your ads in which countries, and more!

Advanced Settings

  1. From your dashboard navigation, go to Advertising > Campaigns.
  2. Click on the three dot icon of the campaign.
  3. Click on Edit Campaign Settings. You can Archive or Delete your campaigns from here.
  4. Make the desired changes. See the options below.
  5. Click Save when you're done.

Scheduling A Start & End Time

  • Select a beginning and end time for your campaign.
  • By default, campaigns begin immediately and never end.
  • Click Run during selected times to choose a specific time period during the day to run your campaign.
  • Chartboost uses Pacific Standard Time for campaigns. Learn more about reporting formats

Blocking Apps & Companies

You can prevent specific publishing apps from showing ads of your advertising campaign by adding their store ID (iOS) or bundle ID (Android, Amazon) in the Block Apps by store/bundle ID section within the Advanced Settings of your campaign.

  • Add or Remove a single store/bundle ID. For iOS use the iTunes ID and for Android or Amazon use the Bundle ID of the app.
  • If you have a longer list of apps to block, upload a .CSV file of multiple store/bundle IDs. You can upload up to 500 values.
  • You can download a CSV of all your currently blocked apps.

The Replace App List option will overwrite all apps you are currently blocking within the Block Apps by store/bundle ID section. If you don't want to lose the existing blocks, we recommend downloading the CSV of your currently blocked apps, update the file, and then upload it again with the Replace App List option.

If you want to block specific companies, you can search for their name within the Blocked Companies dropdown.

Blocking By Age Rating For Mature or 17+ Audiences

Check the Block 17+ box to prevent adult-oriented apps from showing your ads.

Including & Excluding Devices With Lists

  • Use the List Builder to conveniently build and select whole lists of devices to include in or exclude from campaigns.
  • Select whether you want this campaign to include or exclude a list.
  • Select the list from the dropdown.


  • Callbacks provide event notifications about clicks and converted installs.
  • Set up a callback, then select it from the dropdown to add it to this campaign.

Campaign URL

Add a unique URL to send users from this campaign to a specific site, or to track users.

Campaign Targeting

  1. From your dashboard navigation, go to Advertising > Campaigns.
  2. Select an advertising campaign and click on the three dot icon.
  3. Go to Step 2: Targeting to make changes.
  4. Click Add A New Target to add more targets. Hover over an existing target and click the trash can icon to delete the target. Click the duplicate icon to duplicate the target. Click the edit icon to edit the target.
  5. Click Save when you're done.

Targeting By Genres, Game Audiences & Genders

  • Select Apps to choose which genres of apps to show ads in, which game audiences you want to target hardcore, midcore, or casual, and which audience genders you want to target.
  • Click on a category, checkmark the options you want, and then click Select.


Targeting By Country

  • Include or exclude specific countries from your advertising campaign.
  • Click Target selected countries.
  • Choose to Include or Exclude, and then select countries from the dropdown menu.


Targeting By OS Version

  • Include or exclude specific OS versions from your advertising campaign.
  • Click Target selected OS versions.
  • Choose a minimum and/or maximum OS version.

Targeting By Device Type

  • Include or exclude specific device series or models from your advertising campaign.
  • Click Target selected device types.
  • Choose to Include or Exclude.
  • Choose a Series or Model, then select a specific series or models to target.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Select Target only devices on Wi-Fi networks to only target devices that are currently connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Bid Type & Daily Budget

Uploading Creatives

  • Choose an existing creative set, or click Upload Creatives to add a new set of creatives.
  • Drag and drop your creatives into the upload window.
  • Preview your creatives and check that they are optimized for all devices. Get ad dimensions here
  • Add a creative URL or creative deeplink to send users from this creative to a specific site, or to track users.
  • Manually optimize your creatives' traffic to decide what percentage of impressions are shown from which of your creative sets.

Creative URL & Creative Deeplink

  • Add a creative URL to send users from this creative to a specific site, or to track users. Creative URLs will override the campaign URL.