Last Updated on

July 15, 2022

Android (Banners)

We do not serve banner ads to apps that are opted-out of behavioral targeting.

Banner ads are limited to Android SDKs version 8.0.1 and above.

Banner ads are not supported for Amazon integrations.

ChartboostBanner is a View subclass able to show banner ads. Unlike other ad types, the developer is responsible for integrating the banner with the app UI and presenting it to the user.

Multiple Banners can be displayed at once if desired.

Creating a banner

Please see this page for information on how to implement banners.

Banner ads sizes

STANDARD - 320 x 50

MREC - 300 x 250

LEADERBOARD - 728 x 90

Ad Identifier

All the non-error event objects passed as parameters in delegate method calls include an adID property.

This is a string that uniquely identifies a cached ad. It might help when working with Chartboost to identify faulty creatives.

Public Banner Errors

All errors can be checked in the public code and to check actual error code value, error can be accessed like this: