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July 15, 2022

Chartboost SDK Beta Program

What is the Chartboost SDK Beta Program?

The SDK Beta Program provides developers with early access to Chartboost's latest SDK releases and features. You'll be one of the first to test new tools and features before they are publicly released and have the opportunity to provide feedback directly to the product team at Chartboost. Your feedback will be important for us to fix any issues, improve our products, and help us build the solutions you need.

Even though the testing is of beta SDKs, they go through a rigid QA process to ensure the same quality and stability as a general release.

What kind of benefits do I receive for testing?

Earn advertising credits on the Chartboost platform

For each completed SDK beta test integration, where your app is live in App Store or Google Play for more than two weeks and you've submitted the feedback form, you'll receive $500 in advertising credits to use on the Chartboost platform. With these credits, you get to try our advertising solutions such as our Flexbid tool on the Chartboost network.

Direct communication channels to Chartboost teams

Being part of the SDK Beta Program means that you'll get access to direct communication channels to the Chartboost team. Your feedback and input will help influence the product roadmap to ensure that our solutions provide the best developer experience possible.

Stay in the know of the latest monetization and mobile advertising products and features

Be one of the first to get updates and test new products and features. You get to stay at the forefront of mobile advertising technology and get to learn and evaluate the latest product and feature releases beyond just SDK.

What are the criteria to join the program?

To join the SDK Beta Program you must:

  • Have a Chartboost account. If you don't, sign up here. This SDK Beta Program is an addendum to and incorporates Chartboost's Terms and Conditions located at (the terms and Conditions). If there is any conflict between a provision of this SDK Beta Program and the Terms and Conditions, the provision of this SDK Beta Program will control solely with respect to the subject matter of this SDK Beta Program.
  • Have live apps connected to your Chartboost account. If you don't have any apps set up, log in to your account and import your apps for Publisher App Review.
  • Have a minimum of 1,000 daily active users (DAU) in order to monitor the performance of Chartboost ads.

What's the expected participation being part of the program?

When signing up for the SDK Beta Program you'll be in our system of developers available to test our beta SDKs. Based on certain technical criteria such as app platform, mediation, or any specific technical feature we'd like to test, not everyone will make a good fit for every single SDK test.

We will be reaching out to you once we have a beta SDK ready for testing and we think you fit the technical criteria. Since you've opted-in for this program our expectation is that you'll be integrating the SDK for testing in your next SDK cycle update.

Do I have to pay a fee to join the program?

There is no fee to join the program, but you must fulfill the criteria above to be able to receive invitations for testing.

How will you contact me to start a test?

We will use the contact information associated with your Chartboost account. Keep your contact information up to date by visiting

How do I provide my feedback to Chartboost?

As part of the SDK Beta Program, you will have direct communication channels with relevant Chartboost teams to provide your feedback.

How do I subscribe to the beta program?

Subscribe to the program by submitting this quick form, We appreciate your interest and participation!

Changes to and Termination of the Program

  • Chartboost may modify the SDK Beta Program or terminate the SDK Beta Program at any time in its sole discretion.
  • Such modifications to or termination of the SDK Beta Program shall not affect any Credits already issued.