Last Updated on

July 15, 2022

Google Play Data Safety Questionnaire

Starting in April 2022, all developers must declare how they collect and handle user data for the apps they publish on Google Play, and provide details about how they protect this data through security practices like encryption. This includes data collected and handled through any third-party libraries or SDKs used in their apps, such as Chartboost. In order to facilitate this process, we've disclosed the Chartboost data collection below.

You can find more information about Google's data collection disclosure purposes here.

The following disclosures include the data collected by our SDK only. You are responsible for providing any additional disclosures for your app, including other third-party SDKs used in your app. This document is for your convenience only; Chartboost does not make any representations regarding such information, including but not limited to its accuracy or completeness.

Chartboost SDK encrypts all the collected data in transit. Chartboost also provides customers with the ability to delete specific user data. The data collected by Chartboost is not processed ephemerally, due to the nature of Chartboost advertising service.