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July 15, 2022

List Builders

A device list is a simple list of device identifiers that lets you organize players into groups  you can then apply these lists to campaigns. (Note: Device lists are optional.)

Types of Device Lists
  • Inclusion Lists let you target a group of individual devices. Any device not in the inclusion list will not be served an interstitial or video.
  • Exclusion Lists let you block a group of individual devices. Any device in this list will not be served an interstitial or video.
Creating Device Lists

When it comes to building device lists, you have two options:

The identifiers you should use to build your lists are:

  • The IFA for iOS devices
  • Dashes are not inserted
  • 32 characters long
  • Example of IFA for device lists: aaaaaaaabbbbcccc1111222222220000
  • The GAID for Google Play devices
  • 4 dashes included
  • 32 characters long (not including dashes)
  • Lower-case letters
  • Example of GAID for device lists: aaaaaaaa-bbbb-cccc-1111-222222220000
  • The Android ID for Amazon devices and older Google Play devices
  • 16 characters long
  • Example of Android ID for device lists: aaabbbbccc111222
Using the Device List Builder

To start, head to your account's Device Lists section, where you'll see existing lists and a control panel you can use to add new ones:

Here's how to add a new list:

  1. Enter a name for the list and pick iOS, Android, or Amazon from the Platform dropdown. You'll need to create separate device lists for each platform, since an individual list can only contain one type of device identifier (you can, though, upload Android lists that include both GAIDs and Android IDs).
  2. Click Choose File in the Select File field to upload your list. Device lists must have a .csv extension, be 50 MB or smaller 1, and should include only a single list of identifiers separated by line breaks. (We recommend using Excel or other spreadsheet editor to export your single column of identifiers in .csv form.
  3. Hit Save, and you're done  you'll see your new list appear in the page's lower section.

Hit Save, and you're done  you'll see your new list appear in the page's lower section

(Note that  depending on its size  our system may need several hours to process your list before displaying the number of valid and invalid (highlighted in red) devices it includes, and before the list is ready for use in a campaign.)To overwrite 2, download 3 or delete 4 a list from your account, just click one of the three icons in the list's Actions column:

Using Device Lists

After you've created a device list, you can apply it to your campaigns via the Edit Campaign page's Campaign Logic section:


1. Excel has a 1 million row limitation, but you can create a text-based CSV (or use our API) if you need to add additional devices to your list

2. Uploading a new file to an existing list will replace the original list

3. Downloads stop working after 7 days

4. You cannot delete lists that are currently used in active campaigns