Last Updated on

July 15, 2022

Manage Ad Groups

  1. Click "New Ad Group +" to create a new ad group.
  2. Fill in the name for your ad group, to make it more recognizable among all ad groups.
  3. Select the countries you want to be included in this ad group.
  4. Click “+ Add a line item” to either create a new line item or choose the existing line items that match the placement type of this ad group.

    i. In order to create a new line item, you need to choose the network, fill in the Mediation line item name and partner placement name, and fill in the flat CPM.
    ii. Partner Placement
    a. AdColony: Zone ID
    b. AdMob: Ad Unit ID
    c. AppLovin: Zone ID
    d. Chartboost: Named Locations
    e. Meta Audience Network: Placement ID
    f. Tapjoy: Placement Name
    g. Vungle: Placement Reference ID
    h. ironSource: Instance ID
    i. Unity Ads: Placement ID
  5. Associate Mediation placements with this ad group
  • If you come to this ad group creation page from a Mediation placement, the placement is automatically linked.
  • If you are creating this ad group brand new, you can select one placement from the existing placements with the matching placement type.