Last Updated on

July 15, 2022

Manage Placements


Basic Placement Settings

  1. Click “New Placement + ” to create a new Mediation placement
  2. Select Ad Placement Type (Interstitial or Rewarded)
  3. Fill in the ad placement name. You can either choose from the pre-defined placement names in the dropdown menu or fill in a custom placement name.You should use no
  4. more than 50 characters in custom placement names. Only numbers, letters, hyphens are allowed, so space or other special symbols are not allowed.
  5. The Ad Placement Name you filled in here will be used in Mediation SDK integration, so you need to choose it carefully.

Advanced Settings

Creative Types
  • All creative types are allowed by default. It allows static, video and interactive ads for interstitial placement. It allows video and interactive ads for rewarded placement.
  • Allowing all creative types will help maximize your earnings.
  • However, if you do have a strong preference on not allowing certain creative types, you can disable “Allowed All Creative Types” and select the creative types you want to allow.

A/B Test
  • This is for enabling A/B test for this Mediation placement.
  • The best practice is to not enable A/B test until you finish setting up both Bidding and Waterfall in this Mediation placement.

Bidding Settings

eCPM Floor
  • If you are using bidding only in this Mediation placement, you can enable eCPM floor by either setting a global floor or country-specific floors.
  • Country level eCPM floor takes precedence over the global eCPM floor. For any countries that don’t have country level eCPM floor, Mediation will use the global eCPM floor.
  • If you are using both bidding and waterfall in this Mediation placement, you should not enable eCPM floor, since you would want bidding partners to compete in all ad requests with non-bidding networks/line items.

Setting higher eCPM floors will largely increase the risk of lowering the fill rate.

Bidding Networks

  • Chartboost Chartboost App ID and App Signature are already automatically filled.
  • Meta Audience Network You need to fill in the Meta Audience Network Placement ID.
  • AdColony You need to fill in the AdColony Zone ID.
  • Tapjoy You need to fill in the Tapjoy Placement Name.

Make sure the network partner credentials here exactly match the information in your account on each network dashboard.

Make sure all desired bidding networks are active.


  • You can add existing ad groups or create a new ad group.
  • Each ad group shows the line items from mediated networks.