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July 15, 2022

Named Locations

Show different ad campaigns at different points in your game and fine-tune your campaigns' behavior from your dashboard. Customize your game logic to match the right ad request with the right player at the right time.

➊Call named locations in your code

  • Predefined locations for the Android SDK are available at the CBLocation interface class in the docs folder.
  • Predefined locations for the Unity SDK are available at Chartboost > Scripts > Chartboost.cs

Set up your dashboard to show ads at named locations

  • Select one of your games and go to its Basic Settings.
  • Scroll down to Advanced Settings.

  • From this page you can determine how many ads are shown at a given location (e.g. Home Screen, Pause Screen, After Level 1, etc.) per hour or per day across all campaigns. You can also remove unused locations.
  • Alternatively, you can select a publishing campaign and scroll down to its Campaign Logic section.

  • Select By Location.

  • Choose how often a named location in your game will show an ad from one of your other games by giving each named location a campaign priority from Never Show to Highest.
  • Click Done.
Use named locations to determine your campaigns' logic
  • Use your dashboard reporting tools to determine which ad campaigns perform best at which locations.
  • Make adjustments to your campaigns from your Chartboost dashboard.
  • Named locations don't have to correspond to actual locations in your game; they can also be defined by your game's logic. For example, if your player sets her gender as "female" in your game's profile, you can use named locations to serve up a publishing campaign that targets a female audience.

Add custom named locations for even more control over campaign behavior

Create your own named locations with user-specified strings.[codeblock][codetab platform="ios" language="objectivec"]CHBInterstitial *ad = [[CHBInterstitial alloc] initWithLocation:@"CustomLocation" delegate:self];[/codetab][codetab platform="android" language="java"]Chartboost.showInterstitial("CustomLocation");[/codetab][codetab platform="unity" language="csharp"]Chartboost.showInterstitial(CBLocation.locationFromName("CustomLocation"));[/codetab][/codeblock]

Named location tips & best practices
  • We recommend a maximum of 5-7 named locations per game.
  • Names of locations cannot be longer than 20 characters.
  • We recommend that you build the predefined locations into your game now to take advantage of future system improvements aimed at increasing eCPM.
  • Delegate methods pass the location of the event.
  • The Chartboost dashboard automatically detects the locations that your app uses and adds them to the relevant app and campaign settings pages.
  • All apps start with a Default location in the dashboard.
  • Set the campaign frequency for each location in the Campaign Logic section of each publishing campaign.
  • Named locations do not work with the Fyber SDK. All static & video interstitial requests coming from the Fyber SDK will use named location fyber_interstitial and all rewarded video requests will use named location fyber_rewarded_video.
  • The AdMob adapter currently sets all named locations as Default if you do not set one in your AdMob console.

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